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after a few nights

Source: The Mother of the Believers Hafsa daughter of ‘Umar, Section of Woman & Family; Shaykh al-Haddaadi’s website

“And Hafsa thus became a mother of the believers”

Shaykh ‘Ali bin Yahyaa al-Haddaadi (hafidhahullaah), after mentioning the death of Hafsa’s husband Khunais bin Hudhaafa, says:

“And there is no doubt that the loss of a husband is one of the greatest calamities that can befall a woman, and in this manner Allaah tests His slaves with that which He wills from different types of trials until it is distinguished who is patient and submits, and who is impatient and angry; and He will give the patient ones their reward in full without reckoning.

‘Umar, radiAllaahu ‘anhu – the father who was merciful, compassionate and concerned about the affair of his daughter – wanted good for her and took (the necessary) steps with regard to that. ‘Umar understood that it is not good for a woman to stay without a husband just like it is not good for a man to stay without a wife, so he started to search for a righteous man for her and he chose ‘Uthmaan bin ‘Affaan, radiAllaahu ‘anhu. He then presented her to him (for marriage), but ‘Uthmaan replied that it seemed good for him not to marry at that time; so (‘Umar) was upset with him that his daughter had missed a man of good and excellence like ‘Uthmaan. But he did not give up the search; he then met Abu Bakr and proposed to give Hafsa in marriage to him, but Abu Bakr kept silent and did not say anything back to him, so (‘Umar) was more upset with him than he was with ‘Uthmaan.

And after a few nights, Allaah brought relief, and a destiny came which was perhaps not expected by Hafsa nor her father; indeed the leader of the children of Aadam, (the Prophet), sallAllaahu’ alayhi wa sallam, came to propose to her so ‘Umar married her off to him, and Hafsa thus became a mother of the believers.”


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