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Source: Tafseer Surah Ghaafir, tape no. 3
Asaheeha Translations 

“Allaah says: ‘I am as My slave thinks of Me'”
~ Saheeh al-Bukhaari #7405

Shaykh ‘Abd ur-Rahmaan al-‘Ajlaan (hafidhahullaah) comments:

“If he has good thoughts about Allaah, that he will be answered, then he will be answered bi’ithnillaah. But if he says ‘I don’t think I will be answered’ and the like, then he will be deprived of the answer – and refuge is sought in Allaah – because he did not have good thoughts of his Lord.”


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  1. source from which books is this statment from? can you link to a tape or something. Jaaazakallahu khayr.


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