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the Causer is Allaah

Imaam Nawawee’s 40, Hadeeth no. 19

Shaikh Al-‘Uthaymeen comments:

“If Allaah helps you through someone, it is not allowed for you to forget the Causer (One who creates the results) – and that is Allaah.”

“If a person seeks help in Allaah and puts his trust in Him, Allaah will suffice him and he won’t need anyone else after Allaah.”

“The benefit that comes to a person from the Creation is actually from Allaah because He is the One who wrote it for him, and this is an encouragement for us to depend on Allaah and know that the (whole) ummah cannot bring us any good except by Allaah’s permission.”

“Every time things get distressful, then indeed relief is near, because Allaah says in His Book: {Is He (not better than your gods) who responds to the distressed one when he calls upon Him and removes the evil…?}.”

“Relief from/removal of distress is connected to distress (itself), so every time something distresses a person, Allaah relieves him.”

“If a hardship befalls a person, let him wait for ease. And Allaah has mentioned that in the Noble Qur.aan, saying: {So indeed with hardship there is ease. Indeed with hardship there is ease}. So if things get difficult for you, take refuge in Allaah, waiting for His ease and believing in His promise.”

[Sharh al-Arba’een an-Nawawiyyah tape 19 / asaheeha translations]
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